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Since Apple and Samsung are two of the strongest communications companies, I think the competition between them will continue for a long time.

In a story of two technology giants fighting a war against each other, Apple and Samsung have gone through many court battles and there are still many more to come.

The i Phone 5 is a series of i Phone cell phones, which is produced by Apple Company in California, U. Also the Galaxy S3 is a series of Galaxy cell phones, which produced by Samsung Company in Korea according to Wikipedai(march,3013).

Teenagers and some adults usually use these kinds of phones. First, these smart phones have characteristics, which grab their attention like using Internet and playing games.

Each one of these cell phones has some features the other doesn’t have, but also there are some similarities they share.

The differences between them are in the software, battery, the screen size, the processor, and the weight, but on the other hand, there are similarities such as the price, the data speed, the memory, and the rear camera. ..better than Galaxy S3 with the experience I have had from using both of them.On the other hand, Samsung has used the old generic plastic-like back plate for the new Samsung Galaxy s3 but, the advantages were that it was much more “fingerprint-proof” and “scratch-proof”, but a disadvantage they had to face was that it was less “sleek” looking than the i Phone 5 with the aluminum back plate.In technology-wise, the Samsung and Apple didn’t have much differences because the mega pixels of the cameras on both phones were off charts and had about 10 mega pixels difference from each other which is not a big difference.Apple and Samsung can compare to two children fighting, after one says, “You took my idea,” the other replies with, “No, you took my idea.” And this endless cycle of bickering continues on and is forced to go to court where one of the companies takes a substantial amount from the other.Though both companies have their differences, they also have many things that are similar.Apple and Samsung companies are a good example of this competition.The competition between them has given the customers two kinds of smart phones, which are called the i Phone 5 and the Galaxy S3.However, that doesn’t mean the i Phone 5 better than the Galaxy S3.Also, there are a lot of people around the world who prefer using the Galaxy S3 than the i Phone 5.They also have big similarities in the processing speed but Samsung got a little faster time than Apple for the processing speeds.But one big software similarities between the two phones are the voice recognition system that was added in Samsung and that was introduced to the Apple customers when the i Phone 4s was made.


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