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Esperanza is too young for a job and instead helps Isabel take care of the babies during the day.

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They work for less pay and subsequently cost some Mexican immigrants their jobs, including Miguel's job with the railroad company.

There are rumors that a camp is being built for Oklahoma migrants (likely based on places like Weedpatch Camp) that will have indoor plumbing, hot water, and even a swimming pool.

Abuelita, injured during the fire, is sent to a convent where she can recover.

Tío Luis returns and gives his offer of marriage again, and Esperanza's mother agrees.

However, this is a lie as she, Alfonso, and Hortensia plan to flee to the United States.

Abuelita cannot accompany them due to her injuries, but promises that she will join them as soon as she is better.

Tío Luis offers to continue to care for them and their ranch on one condition: Esperanza's mother must marry him.

When she refuses, he threatens that she will regret her decision.

They finally arrive safely in the United States, currently in the grip of the Great Depression and settle in a farm camp in Arvin, California with Alfonso's brother Juan, his wife Josefina, and their children, Isabel and twin babies Pepe and Lupe.

All the adults work either on the farm camp, picking and packaging produce, or with the nearby railroad companies.


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