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Stress keeps us focused and aware of all the things that need to be done.It can motivate you to study harder and complete assignments and projects on time.The quality of your relationships can determine the health of your school/life balance.

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It is based on perceived standards of excellence and often fueled by the need for others’ approval.

In recent years, although tertiary education is certainly popular among Hong Kong students.

But when your stress level becomes more than a motivating tool, or when pressures are too intense or last too long, you may be in stress overload.

Signs of Stress Overload Perfectionism refers to a set of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors aimed at reaching unrealistically high goals.

However, the university students are no longer allowed to sit quietly and negatively throughout the class.

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They are being demanded to discuss academic matters or cooperate with other classmate to perform projects.They are require to find sources, gathering information and put them into order.As Marshall and Rowland (1993, 34) pointed out, ¡¥the ability to think critically is a generic skill that are expected to acquire in the undergraduate education and transfer to daily life, future or current work.¡¦ Therefore, the tutors at university who offer not only textbook instructions but also helps students to think critically and independently by encouragement.The motivation of school students is comes from parents and teachers, who reward or punish students for keeping up their studies.Students are unexpected to plan or do anything besides follow the timetable and study schedule from teachers.Students juggling work in addition to competing obligations from school and home may experience greater challenges in striking a balance.In these cases, it is even more crucial that you are adept at attending to different roles and setting priorities.Succeeding in graduate or medical school means more than simply doing well in your coursework.In fact, much of what you will learn during your graduate school years will not come from classes but rather through activities such as research, clinical work, internships, attending conferences, serving on departmental and university committees, preparing papers for publication, and joining professional organizations.When a student moves on to undertake university study at undergraduate level, there is demanded to be more self-motivated and independent learning.Such as plan a learning programme that takes into consideration time available for study.


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