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Peter Bowler (2001, 2009) drew attention to a broad movement of liberal Christians and evolutionists in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries who aimed to reconcile evolutionary theory with religious belief.In the 1990s, the Vatican Observatory (Castel Gandolfo, Italy) and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (Berkeley, California) co-sponsored a series of conferences on divine action.

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It studies historical and contemporary interactions between these fields, and provides philosophical analyses of how they interrelate.

This entry provides an overview of the topics and discussions in science and religion.

After all, “science” and “religion” are not eternally unchanging terms with unambiguous meanings.

Indeed, they are terms that were coined recently, with meanings that vary across times and cultures.

Brown 2008), including an apology to Charles Darwin for its initial rejection of his theory.

For the past fifty years, science and religion has been de facto Western science and Christianity—to what extent can Christian beliefs be brought in line with the results of Western science?Are religious beliefs sometimes conducive to science, or do they inevitably pose obstacles to scientific inquiry?The interdisciplinary field of “science and religion”, also called “theology and science”, aims to answer these and other questions.For instance, in the United Kingdom, scientists, clergy, and popular writers, sought to reconcile science and religion during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, whereas the United States saw the rise of a fundamentalist opposition to evolutionary thinking, exemplified by the Scopes trial in 1925 (Bowler 2001, 2009).In recent decades, Church leaders have issued conciliatory public statements on evolutionary theory.Before the nineteenth century, the term “religion” was rarely used.For medieval authors, such as Aquinas, the term meant piety or worship, and was denied of “religious” systems outside of what he considered orthodoxy (Harrison 2015).Section 1 outlines the scope of both fields, and how they are related.Section 2 looks at the relationship between science and religion in three religious traditions, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.Torrance (1969) who challenged the prevailing view that science and religion were either at war or indifferent to each other.Barbour’s the first specialist journal on science and religion, was also founded in 1966.


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