Essay On Proverb Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

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Do we follow the 5-S housekeeping system in true letter and spirit?

How often do we conduct cleanliness and hygiene checks across our shopfloors and offices?

The eloquent silence of that woman was pregnant with lessons. Second, as long as cleaning is accorded the status of a ‘menial job’, we won’t be able to rise and shine, literally.

As per Forbes’ Report, India ranks 123 in the list of clean nations, while Japan, with a comparable population density, ranks among the top ten.

The topic of cleanliness reminds me of an anecdote narrated by a senior during my Plant days, seven years ago.

During his official tour to Australia, while sauntering on the spic and span sidewalks of Sydney, he happened to drop a wrapper on the pavement.

The student replies that the robe was first used as a bed spread, then a window curtain, then a kitchen cloth, then a floor-swab, before ending as a wick in Buddha’s lamp. Do we throw the snack paper outside from the moving car, or do we take the pains to hold it till we find a dustbin?

Do we wait for the office cleaner to wipe the dust off the separator panel, or do we actually use the dust cloth given to us as stationery?

The statement above, taken from an award winning campaign against littering, bespeaks the fact that this shared planet is everybody’s home, and hence, everybody’s responsibility too.

Cleanliness is next only to Godliness, is a proverb we’ve all heard in school, and in this essay, I shall try to understand and explain its multifarious facets.


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