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Being a pharmacist means having the ability to recognize signs and symptoms of diseases that might cause discomfort to patients.As a pharmacist you need to be equipped with the necessary skill to improve people’s health hence they form part of the team that addresses public health problems.

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Being a pharmacist is a rewarding career with several opportunities in different fields.

Having a career as pharmacists means working in a myriad professional setting.

The decision to become a pharmacist was primarily influenced by my personal curiosity.

I have considered other career before like singing, however upon reflection; I have realized that my passion for chemistry has been with me since childhood.

distribute sterile products; and fill and dispense routine orders for stock supplies such as . Pharmacy technicians work under the direct supervision of .

licensed pharmacist, their work is subject to quality-control checks to ensure accuracy.

Since my childhood, I have been curious about the composition of products; I used to mix products, crash leaves to come up with products that would solve certain problems.

Apart from having a passion in Chemistry, I also have a desire to help people by improving their life.

pharmacists and work under their direct supervision. independent drug stores, hospitals, community ambulatory care centers, home health care .

agencies, nursing homes, and in the pharmaceutical industry. of technical support functions and tasks relating to the pharmacy profession. maintain patient records, count, package, and label medication doses; prepare and .


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