Essay On Ethnic Problems Of Pakistan

Essay On Ethnic Problems Of Pakistan-29
Iran is pursuing a policy of its own, shaped by its national security interests.

Iran is pursuing a policy of its own, shaped by its national security interests.

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If the group takes steps to confront the threats, its ethnicity becomes politicized, and the group becomes a political actor by virtue of its shared identity.

On the other side, ethnicity is just as much based on intangible factors—namely, on what people believe, or are made to believe, to create a sense of solidarity among members of a particular ethnic group and to exclude those who are not members.

The conflict is usually not about ethnic differences themselves but over political, economic, social, cultural, or territorial matters.

Ethnic conflict is one of the major threats to international peace and security.

Solidifying a national identity is very important to avoid tensions between ethnic groups.

The politics of co-option and patronage will not help Afghanistan reduce its security expenditures or increase its development.There needs to be a visible measure of accountability and a fair distribution of national resources.Reconciliation should not be based on narrow ethnic politics or fear but on a pan-Afghan vision.Ethnic communities show signs of solidarity and self-awareness, which are often expressed by the name the group gives itself.Ethnic identity is formed by both tangible and intangible characteristics.The ethnic divide is increasing, ethnopolitics is on the rise, and both the literature of hate and demagogic politicians are gaining traction.Politicians, intellectuals and opinion leaders talk of ethnic politics openly when addressing audiences made up of their kin, but resort to vague rhetoric while on the national stage.According to primordialists, ethnicity is embedded in inherited biological attributes, a long history of practicing cultural differences, or both.Ethnic identity is seen as unique in intensity and durability and as an existential factor defining individual self-identification and communal distinctiveness.Those include shared historical experiences and memories, myths of common descent, a common culture and ethnicity, and a link with a historic territory or a homeland, which the group may or may not currently inhabit.Elements of common culture include language, religion, laws, customs, institutions, dress, music, crafts, architecture, and even food.


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