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The domination images created by Bacon and other leaders of the scientific revolution replaced those of the nurturing Earth, removing a cultural constraint on the exploitation of nature.The war against the Earth began with this idea of separateness.Its contemporary seeds were sown when the living Earth was transformed into dead matter to facilitate the industrial revolution. “Raw materials” and “dead matter” replaced a vibrant Earth.The lessons I learned about diversity in the Himalayan forests I transferred to the protection of biodiversity on our farms.I started saving seeds from farmers’ fields and then realized we needed a farm for demonstration and training.We practice and promote a biodiversity-intensive form of farming that produces more food and nutrition per acre.The conservation of biodiversity is therefore also the answer to the food and nutrition crisis.Biodiversity has been my teacher of abundance and freedom, of cooperation and mutual giving.When nature is a teacher, we ­cocreate with her—we recognize her agency and her rights.My involvement in the contemporary ecology movement began with Chipko, a nonviolent response to the large-scale deforestation that was taking place in the Himalayan region.In the 1970s, peasant women from my region in the Garhwal Himalaya had come out in defense of the forests.


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