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Ambrose also writes directly; his language isn’t too flowery, which is appropriate, considering the horror of war. These men begin a very rigorous training regimen under Captain Sobel, whom most of the men come to hate. This unit offers dollars a month extra for hazardous duty pay, which draws a lot of the volunteers. History I CPS 10 C 17 January 2013 Band of Brothers In the summer of 1942, young men in Army training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, are given an opportunity to be part of a unique unit of paratroopers.Their training includes basic infantry skills - use and maintenance of various weapons, map reading, and communications.The second glaring weakness of Band of Brothers was the complete lack of perspective and objectivity that Ambrose shows throughout the book.Ambrose doesn’t just describe Easy Company’s exploits with added schlock, he views them through rose colored glasses tinted with the Stars and Stripes.On the one hand, the story of Easy Company is more than compelling.The company featured prominently in D-Day, Operation Market Garden, The Battle of the Bulge and the famous siege at Bastogne, the liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps and the occupation of Goering’s Palace and Hitler’s Eagles Nest.First, Ambrose completely over-eggs the dramatic story telling aspect of the book. I wish I was exaggerating in this regard, but take for example the following, not atypical paragraph: “Get ‘em? Lorraine hit one with his tommy-gun, Winters aimed his M-1, squeezed and shot his man through the back of his head.I’m certainly not against using a dramatic narrative to improve the accessibility of history, in fact there’s clearly a lot of value in this, but at times Band of Brothers read like a teenage boy’s G. Guarnere missed the third Jerry, but Winters put a bullet in his back. ” Winters told Malarkey to put one through his head.” (Ambrose pg 98) I’m sure I’m not the only non-American who was grimacing while reading the passages like this.


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