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Only Judge Thatcher and a few companions continue searching the cave.

Then, in the middle of the night, news arrives that the children have turned up, and St. The children are taken to the Thatcher house, where a weakened Tom describes their escape.

The children had to rely on making good clean fun from meager surroundings.

Swimming, fishing, picnicking, and playing "Hide n' seek" in the long hot summer days were all good ways to pass the time.

Tom becomes horrified and tells the judge that Injun Joe remains in the caverns.

Essay Hope Sawyer Lost High School Essay Competition 2011

At the end of Chapter , the novel seems to be moving toward a final confrontation at the Widow Douglas’s house, but that resolution is thwarted when the Welshman chases off Injun Joe.We can view the cave scene as a miniature version of Tom’s entire journey toward maturity.Tom’s immaturity and his lack of foresight lead him and Becky to stay away from the others for too long and to forget to make marks on the walls so that they can find their way back to the entrance.Twain also removes Huck from the action by having him get sick.This temporary elimination of two main characters leaves the novel’s focus on Tom and Becky, lost in the cave.He then went back and found Becky, and from there, the two crawled out and went to the nearest house, five miles downstream from the cave.Judge Thatcher and the last searchers learn that the children have been found.Tom was not a bad boy, just an inquisitive one who’s mind never rested…always dreaming, and making his dreams sound so good, he could always rope Huck Finn into his escapades.The kite string ran out while he was exploring a gallery, and he was about to turn back when he saw a speck of daylight in the distance.He abandoned the string and crawled forward until he could push through a hole and see the Mississippi River.


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