Essay For A Seed

This persuades the sisters to live a life of secrecy away from society.

It’s the feeling of neglect, hate, being afraid and even being afraid of that possibly led them to living this type of lifestyle.

The dark Later on in the novel, she then commits yet another murderous action on Leroy Jessup.

The main reason being that she is afraid that Leroy will expose her of her deeds and so she decides to kill him.

After poisoning her family members with arsenic, Merricat expresses her feelings by saying, “Fate intervened.

Some of us, that day, she led inexorably through the gates of death.For example, in the book Merricat said, “I can't help it when people are frightened”.The people living within the town are showing that they’re afraid of her and want nothing to do with her.In this dry state, the seeds can remain alive but inactive for long periods. When a seed gets water, air and warmth, etc., it begins to grow.When a seed begins to grow, it is said to germinate.This soluble food makes the radicle and plumule present in the seed to grow.The radicle of the seed grows first to form the root.These two novels both contain characters with many secrets, many dark secrets that cause them to hide and live away from society.In a sense, these characters live in “secret worlds”.The green leaves of the shoot begin to synthesise own food in the presence of sunlight.This seedling grows gradually and ultimately becomes a new plant.


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