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Emotional intelligence, like any other skill or talent, may be used positively or negatively depending on the intentions of the person wielding the ability.As people with high EQ are better able to manage their own emotions and evaluate the emotions of others, they have the capacity to be more deceptive and manipulative than other people.A number of theories have emerged to explain the concept of emotional intelligence.

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So what is emotional intelligence, and why is it so important?

Business leaders with high EQ and self-serving motives may toy with the emotions of their employees, using them to climb the corporate ladder with little regard for their workers’ long-term welfare.

Such leaders may also pretend to offer friendship and support, while secretly seeking to undermine the ambitions of team members who could become potential rivals.

While there are many benefits to having high intelligence, many managers, supervisors, and other workers—particularly those who work in businesses in which interpersonal relationships are key—have become keenly aware that workplace success may depend on their ability to use another invaluable personality trait: emotional intelligence.

The concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) was introduced by psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer in a landmark article in 1990.

Konstantin Vasily Petrides developed the trait model, which focuses on how people view their own emotional abilities, and Goleman developed the mixed model, which uses principles from both the ability and trait models.

Though each model has its distinguishing features, the underlying principles of the models are similar.

In settings where people tend to work alone, people who possess high emotional intelligence may actually perform at a lower level than the average worker because they may be overly concerned about the emotions of other people.

In certain environments, employees with high emotional intelligence may be better able to cooperate with others, manage work-related stress, solve conflicts that may arise within workplace relationships, and learn from previous interpersonal mistakes.


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