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Examples: Nouns that Are Both Countable and Uncountable Not to further complicate things, but there are nouns that can be both countable and uncountable, depending entirely on the context of the sentence.Examples of these nouns include hair, light, room, art, gear and science. Here are some more to help you better understand the situations in which a noun could be either countable or uncountable.

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Countable nouns (also known as count nouns) are those nouns that bare reference to something that can be counted.

These types of nouns have both singular and plural forms. In the singular form, they might be preceded by an a or an a.

Here are some examples of how to format interesting sentences with uncountable nouns. • Equipment – A backhoe is an expensive piece of equipment.

• Garbage – There are nine bags of garbage on the curb.

• Water – Try to drink at least eight glasses of water each day.

In English, nouns can be either countable or uncountable.Uncountable nouns can be paired with words expressing plural concept.Using these words can make your writing more specific. Concepts, ideas or feelings – Examples: love, hate, jealousy, information. It is a way of sort of dividing up the uncountable noun.An uncountable noun is not a separate object or unit. It is a large solid mass or liquid without clear boundaries. We do NOT say “I have 3 waters” – It does not make sense. Examples: sugar, butter, oxygen, rice, pasta, salt, bread, milk, water Example sentences: The pasta is very nice. The verb “is” (third person singular of the verb “be”) is also the singular form to agree with the subject. (This is wrong because pasta does not have a plural form! As you can see, “advice”, “information” and “news” are all uncountable in English. ” “I ate some chocolate.”Sometimes, we can use a “countable unit” with an uncountable noun.In English grammar, countable nouns are individual people, animals, places, things, or ideas which can be counted.There are nouns that are considered countable in languages other than English.They need to follow the rules for uncountable nouns – the list most common ones includes: accommodation, advice, baggage, behaviour, bread, furniture, information, luggage, news, progress, traffic, travel, trouble, weather, work.The majority of all nouns will fall into this category.That being said, there is a smaller group of nouns that do not refer to elements that can be counted, and therefore, they do not typically have a plural form. Examples of these include, rain, earth, flour, wood, wine.


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