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People are known to treat each other unfairly because of the way they look, their personal beliefs, or their ethnic background.So much has changed over the years you would think things in the human race would be better, but personal views with small0minded individuals continue to hold people back from their true potential.

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How can people become more comfortable with their views with racism and religion without leading to hurtful conflict?

Racism is when a person says or does something inappropriate or offense in reference to another race.

“I often say that if I headed back to college today, I would major in comparative religions rather than political science …

because religious actors and institutions are playing an influential role in every region of the world …” This quote from Secretary of State John Kerry has been posted to my office door since last fall, when it appeared in an op-ed he wrote in .

Those actions can have positive effects on the world, such as social outreach or providing a sense of community to adherents, or negative ones, including violence against rivals or intolerance for others.

The fact remains, however, that their actions are often rooted in religious ideals, or their worldview.Our horizons seem to stretch thinner and faster than we are capable of handling.But in the end we remain the same spiritual creatures.The conflict gets worse when racism and religion are mixed.Some people may feel racist toward someone because they have a certain belief (which may sound strange but true).Of course, the idea of understanding religion and religious individuals resonated strongly with me, a professor of religious studies at a liberal arts college.But I believe the reasons for this sentiment are lost in the public discourse around both education and religion in the contemporary United States.Unfortunately, racism continues to be a huge problem in certain parts of the world.There are civil rights groups that help people fight their way to where they want to be and to be treated fairly no matter their race.[1] Our modern world offers more choices and possibilities than ever before.Science and technology continually expand our knowledge, and the diversity of religious worldviews keeps growing.


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