Essay About Friends

It is a mutual agreement regarding rights and wrongs.When we stay true to those virtues, our souls expand. Our first instinct when making friendships is to get something in return.We don’t hate, we don’t judge, and we don’t place obstacles.

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When they were brought together again, the rats showed friendlier attitude between each other than before they were isolated.

Elizabeth Kirby, one of the authors of the paper, explained: “We can’t speak rat, but we think the rats can’t wait to tell their friend that some weird people shut them in a room”.

We find the common ground with those people, and we form a mutual relationship of love and respect.

However, the value of friendship goes beyond making favors to one another.

When they are depressed, nervous or stressed out, they can easily pour out their anger on us – their best friends.

That’s when we’re challenged to stay strong and true to our commitment.

True friends are there for us whenever we need them.

Today, in the era of being connected, we need best friends more than ever.

This quality is the foundation of an ethical and pure soul.

We all need a best friend not only because they will be there for us whenever we need them, but also because this mutual relationship makes us happier and better persons.


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