Essay About Fairness And Equality

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People should be cuted by the same knife andacording to the law.

There is just one law and one for all,not one for the rich and another for the poor, or one for In conclution i would like to incourage upon yung peoplewho in their hand is the future of our sociaties health thatno matter the color of the skin, the city nor region that welive in, how much money our how well known we are, that weshould all learn our differences, accept them, treat and betreated the same way everybody is in order to live in moreplasent place were people no matter their conditions have thesame opportunity to succed in their lives as everybody else.

But instedcorruption is so high and shameless that the money dosent evencome out representavives from the provinces have to go tocapital beging for the money they own them in order for poortowns and cities to survive in the corrupting economy we live Economic and social status are other big factors in fairtreatment in Ecuador.

By having a high economic and socialstatus what is implied? People withmoney or high positions in sociaty are treated differentlythan the people who don’t have money or a satand in sociaty.people with out any kind of influences are more likely to goto jail and have longer senteces where as people withinfluences get out trouble by paying some cash or pullingsome strings.

A bad last name may have just the same weigh insociety as a good with the difference that a bad name onlyproduces negative effects on their daily lives.

Bad last namesas well also carry a history attached to them.While that person can bethe biggest thief in Ecuador’s history.A lot of thepoliticians use their last names to project an image of truthand honesty to the people just so they can get a vote.A lotof people rely on names for a lot of things, the differencebetween having a good name or a bad one can affect you fromthe most insignificant way to a way that could mean set backin some of your lives goals.On one hand a insignificantexample is when you are a teenager and you want to go out withsome one whose last name is unknown or worse a bad name thereis no possible way you are going to be bale to go out withthat person if you are under 15. You can’t go to some one’s party if that personhas a bad name or if its last name is unknown, your parentswould give two reson for it.For a lotof people RACE is another big factor when it comes tofairness.Ecuador is mostly meztisos which are a mixture ofamerindians and Spanish that constitute 50 percent ofpopulation, the Amerindians continued 25 percent and black and Spanish 10 and 10 percent respectively.The intellectual and political leaders of the 30 percent coalition disagree.They prefer a world in which we all end up in roughly the same economic place regardless of our abilities and efforts.But you also believe that, within reason, it’s perfectly all right if we end up in different places.If you are in the 70 percent majority, you believe that everyone should get a chance to succeed. If this leads to income inequality–above some acceptable floor–so be it.


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