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While the prescribing doctor is the only individual that is directly responsible for assisting the patient to commit suicide, there are other medical professionals that may do no harm but also actively participate in the process of physician-assisted suicide.The pharmacist that fills the prescription also has to make the choice to participate in the act.While a physician is obligated to respect a patient’s decision, a physician is not required to provide a treatment that is not medically sound.

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Keywords: Right to Die, Suicide, Assisted Suicide, Medical Ethics, Nursing, Terminal Care Death with Dignity Although some arguments against physician-assisted suicide have many strong points, terminally ill patients should have the right to terminate their lives through the voluntary self-administration of lethal medication, which were prescribed for that purpose. states that allow physician-assisted suicide, originally stemming from the Death With Dignity Act enacted in 1997.

A doctor in Oregon has a private choice to participate in prescribing a prescription to a patient in order to assist in their suicide.

However, a doctor is not the only medical professional who has the knowledge that the prescription has been written and will be used in the manner of a lethal dose.

Human rights are not a matter of public opinion, and when they are they can become weakened.

Does a mentally competent adult with a terminal illness have the right to choose to end their life painlessly and quickly, when no other option is available besides life-sustaining therapies?


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