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Would it not be better perhaps to learn the languages more commonly spoken in our part of the world?In fact the most populous country in the world is China which accounts for more than fifty per cent of the world's population.

Would it not be better perhaps to learn the languages more commonly spoken in our part of the world?

English is taught as a language in our schools to reflect it's importance in our society.

If this were not so, there is a good likelihood that in time the strong influence of individual cultures here would result in people only being well versed in their mother tongues.

The robber who stood guard over the couple frisked Mr Lee's pockets and took all his cash from his wallet. Fortunately, I chanced upon two policemen who were keeping surveillance in the area. The policemen untied Mr and Mrs Lee and the robbers were apprehended and taken tot he police station.

While one of the robber stood guard over them, the other two the whole house. There was a as the robbers put up a struggle but eventually they gave up.

The trees looked unfamiliar and there were no more jungle paths for us to follow. My brother comforted me by letting me sleep on his lap.

I soon fell asleep dreaming of bears waiting to eat me up. My brother was shaking me and telling them to get up. Outside the house I could see thick black clouds and flashes of lightning in the eastern sky. So I got on my bicycle to get home before the storm struck us. The road was covered with water and I did not even realized that I have left it and had fallen into a hole.Rick's mother came out, saw the distant storm and told me not to cycle home. It was better not take the risk of riding the bicycle on the busy main road in the middle of a storm. I declined her offer, thanked her and pedalled off before she could say any more. Fortunately the hole was not very big but it was very wet.I am writing on behalf of the English Language Society of SMK Taman Mesra.We are organizing a two-day-one-night motivational camp and have selected your hotel as the venue for the camp. We would like to know if you will be able to us for the period. Mr and Mrs Lee was herded into one corner of the living room where they were gagged and tied. Once inside the house, the men held him at gunpoint. I jumped over the fence and peeped through an open window.However Singapore being a former British Colony and the present education policy have seen to it that most Singaporeans are bi-lingual, that is able to speak English as well as their mother tongues.Another factor which has promoted the use of English as a medium of communication here in Singapore is the rather significant expatriate community here.Rick's is a whiz with mathematics and he helped me complete the homework in record time. Fortunately my books were in a plastic bag and they should be fine. It was foolish of me to do cycle under such dangerous conditions as visibility was very low.As it was getting towards dinner time, I decided to head on home about two kilometers away. So I decided that since I was already soaking wet, I might as well go all the way home on my bicycle. One moment I was going along quiet nicely, the next I found myself lying in a puddle of water beside the road.


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