Email Cover Letter With Salary Requirements

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Tyson: In response to your job advertisement cited on your website, I wish to apply for the position of Administrative Assistant at FTD Enterprises.

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Some highlights of my competencies follow: In your advertisement, you mentioned the requirement of familiarity with payroll processing.

I offer exceptional skills in processing weekly payrolls employees accurately.

High anchors selectively direct our attention toward an item's positive attributes while low anchors direct our attention to its flaws.” By stating a salary requirement that is lower than your prospective employer might be willing to pay, you not only cheat yourself out of more money, but you might come across as unsophisticated or unprepared.

By stating a salary higher than they might be willing to pay, you risk little harm, so long as you indicate that your salary requirements are flexible.

Negotiators who focus on their target price make more aggressive first offers and ultimately reach more profitable agreements than those who focus on the minimum amount they’d be satisfied with. In doing so, you’ll still likely get a profitable deal, and the other side will be pleased with the outcome.

Remember, there’s little to risk if you put out the highest number you can justify, but there’s a lot to lose if you don’t.This article is part of our Ask an Expert series—a column dedicated to helping you tackle your biggest career concerns.Our experts are excited to answer all of your burning questions, and you can submit one by emailing us at editor(at)themuse(dot)com and using Ask an Expert in the subject line.In 2006, Victoria earned her legal masters degree in Dispute Resolution.She has been teaching negotiation and providing negotiation consulting services to lawyers, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs ever since.Being a born team player, I am amply capable of getting along well with the employees and management.Per requirement, my expected salary is 000 – 000 per year, which is negotiable. Salary requirements are something that an employer will likely ask you to share at some point in the hiring process.Some companies may require you to include a salary range in your application while others may ask during a phone screen or interview.Victoria Pynchon is an attorney who practiced commercial litigation for 25 years.Since 2004, she has been mediating and arbitrating commercial disputes—the former with ADR Services, Inc.


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