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The master planners for two-thirds (65%) of the housing scheme were Feilden Clegg Bradley, and the remaining was undertaken by the firms Mac Creanor Lavington Architects (25%) and Alison Brooks Architects (10%) who were appointed in order to increase the variety...

Towards this direction, Ebenezer Howard has been considered as the person who ‘put forward a new physical form and structure for urban growth which would reintroduce a balanced and ecological relationship between the city-of limited size and population-and the countryside-of sufficient size to support the city with all necessary goods and material-as well as a balance between the varied functions of the city, again as a result of the strict limitation of its size and population’ (Frey, 1999, 18).

One of the most known study of Howard has been the ‘Garden City’ in which Howard states his ideas regarding the town planning and its potential forms in the cities of his era – in his case the city under examination had been London.

Over the time, these diffused garden city's principles are incorporated to other planning......

IN A GARDEN ARCHITECTURAL CASE STUDY OF ACCORDIA HOUSING Introduction The Accordia Housing Scheme at Brooklands Avenue in Cambridge has been uniquely termed as a “City in a Garden” in contrast to the well-known architectural concept of a “garden city”.

Both the stories essentially follow the same storyline but there are some changes.

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