Dryden Essay Of Dramatic Poesy Text

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As regards the action , Eugenius contends that they are transparent , everybody already having known what will happen , that roman borrowed from the Greeks and that the deus ex machina convention is wrek escape.As far as the unity of place is concerned , he suggested that the Ancients were not the ones to insists on it too much as the French , and that insistence has caused some artificial entrances and exist of characters.

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Another side Crites favors the ancients as they establishes unities and followed rules given by Aristotle.

And by follower ing these rules French were giving their best. Lisideios is in the side of French drama as they don’t mix comedy and tragedy in one literature and by doing it they make their works classical.

By using the word ‘just’ Dryden seems to imply that literature imitates human actions.

For Dryden, ‘poetic imitation’ is different from an exact, servile copy of reality, for, the imitation is not only ‘just’; it is also ‘lively’.

John Dryden was an English poet, literary critic, dramatist and trancelator.

He was born in 19 aug, 1931 and died in 12 may, 1700).

In all these respects the English Dramatists of the last age were better than the Greek or Roman Dramatists.

Lisideius believers that French dramas are better than the English drama.

They are only breaking rules of time, place and action English playwrights have no time limitations.

There should be the only one place from begging to end but moderns are changing it several times.


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