Did Hamlet Love Ophelia Thesis

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And after all, feigning not to love her anymore, he frees himself from this responsibility.

This is in keeping with Hamlet's difficulty to make up his mind.

She has, in a way, let her life go along with the waters of the stream and Hamlet, Hamlet alone, is responsible for that.

First because he has, feigning madness, rejected her, and second because he (the man she loved) has killed her father.

This confusing cycle is due to Hamlet’s “madness”, and is further influenced by Hamlet constantly being pushed to his limits due to anguish and sorrow.

Hamlet is portrayed as an unconventional lover, which explains why he sends mixed messages that confuse Aphelia, making her question whether or not his feelings for her are true.

It is true that Hamlet’s love for Aphelia is debatable; however, when analyzing the “go thy ways to a nunnery” interaction, the dispute with Alerter, and Hamlet’s twisted affection towards Aphelia, one can see that his love is authentic.

At the beginning of the play, as Hamlet has decided to pretend madness, he pretends he does not love Ophelia anymore, he even rejects her and insults her (Act 3, scene 1).

Another reason why he rejects her is that marriage itself has become abhorrent to him.

Because he has recently realised that his mother's second marriage is only a betrayal of love and of everything that is noble in life. Another character might have been terribly shocked but not directly affected in his sentimental life. "This is a terrible shame, but I'm different, my love for Ophelia is different and pure and I will always be true to her".


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