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Tourism destinations are products of history and culture.To some level, a successful tourist destination is one which can connect instantly with the cultural background of its potential tourist.Much of it is due to an inability to carve out a unique identity and develop offerings which attracts more tourists.

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The main reasons for choosing this topic as an area for study are: * Marketing destinations provides an immense challenge to any management student in my opinion.

It is an extremely complex product which has a mix of natural beauty, heritage, culture, tradition, folkart, food, etc.

“Revenue Management Concept Training: Its Efficacy as an Intervention Methodology for Hotel Front Desk Employees and Hotel Managers” Smith, Eva (2008).

“Relationships between High School Students’ Perception of Teacher Effectiveness, Attitudes towards Hospitality and Intent to Select Hospitality as a Career” Atkins, Kelly (2008).

Finally, on the basis of the research findings and analysis it was recommended that Gujarat has the potential to become a top tourist destination if it manages to create a distinct identity and strong brand associations via effective marketing strategies.

Since centuries Gujarat has been a vibrant melting pot of cultures, traditions and movements.“Bidding as a Shopping Experience: The Impact of Consumer Characteristics and Hedonic Shopping Motivations on Shopping Values in Online Auctions Influencing Consumer Preference and Intentions” Fogle, Alycia (2007).“The Influence of Atmospherics On Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality, Merchandise Price, and Merchandise Quality Influencing Behavioral Intentions: A Retailing Study of Outlet Malls” Kim, Hye-Young (2007).There is no recent research as such done on Gujarat tourism or its marketing and branding initiatives * Around six years ago, research had been done in MICA on “How to attract foreign tourists to Gujarat”.However, this project was not academic in its outlook and much has changed the way communication flows since then To understand, Gujarat as a tourist brand it is imperative to understand the concept of destination branding that has been looked upon by various academicians.“Understanding Frontline Employees’ Work Attitude and Behavior: Combining Theory of Implicit-Beliefs and Job Demand-Resources (JD-R) Model” Kaewnopparat, Justin (2017). “Modeling the consumer acceptance of retail service robots” (2012). S: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior” Wilhoit, Sarah (2009).“The Impact of Photography on Tourism: Photography Construction Perspective” Kim, Seeun (2016). “The Role of Social Network Websites in the Consumer-Brand Relationships”. “The Effect of Store Environment on Consumer Behavior in the Context of Single-Brand Apparel Retailers”. “Evaluation of and Behavior Toward the Visual Retail Environment: Functions of Consumers’ Visual Aesthetic Sensitivity” Lim, Chae-Mi (2009).“The impacts of regulatory focus and temporal distance on the evaluation of online consumer reviews” Doss, Melanie (2016). “Luxe-Bargain Shopping: Consumer Orientations, Perceived Values, Satisfaction, and Future Intentions ” Poisson, Donetta (2009).“The Relationship among Tourist Motivations, Winery Festival Destination Performance, Overall Satisfaction, and REPatronage Intentions for Patrons of On-site Winery Festivals” Jahn, Warren (2008).If one looks at the meanings associated with a particular place, some of them are shared by the local community whereas others are shared by global cultural communities.For example, a place like Manali or Rishikesh attracts tourists from all over the world.


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