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I want to ask if he has been reunited with his daughter the nun, who died young. I want to ask him pretty much everything I can think of, but I am sensitive about the time, and eventually I get him back into the Catholic churches in Danbury, and when we get there, I realize that I forgot to ask where the funeral is being held, but my uncle knows, of course, and it turns out he was right about Father Curran’s sermon, because Mass is just letting out when we arrive.

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He’s right about my aunt, who is an excitable person, and also is a lovely word, and just then a big hawk floats right over the road in front of us, so neither of us says anything for a while.

After it’s gone, my uncle talks about hawks: As a lineman, you know, you enter their world to some degree, he says. The first time I was up there with a nest and thought about taking it apart, I thought of my own house.

I think he is wearing his work boots too, but I cannot see his feet.

His hair is swept up in its usual wave, and he is wearing his telephone lineman’s uniform.

Why is one kind of stimulation better than another?

Plus your aunt will be in high dudgeon, and I want to be relaxed.I drive around the corner and park next to the church playground, and Uncle Eddy and I just talk for a while.I tell him I always liked him, although I didn’t know him very well, and he says he appreciates that, and that I shouldn’t feel bad, because what kid really knows, or even cares to know, the old people in his family — am I right?Then my son went off to the war, and some of him didn’t come back, as you know. Probably your aunt did with your mother, them being sisters, but certainly the rest of us didn’t.Talking about my feelings — what would be the point? But here I am, driving to his funeral in rural Connecticut, and there is my uncle Eddy in the passenger seat, companionably sipping on a Schlitz, as usual.Plus didn’t you have two cups of coffee this morning?For one thing I will be in a closed casket, and for another I was never much for dressing up, as you know. In my army uniform or my lineman’s uniform, not so bad, but in a suit, no. The rest of the way to Danbury we continue to make detours to see lakes.I had to wear a suit the day your cousin entered the convent, and it added to the discomfort of the situation. There’s Mamanasco and Naraneka and Waubeeka, plus various small lakes that are basically large ponds.This is the paper where you are supposed to, first, describe and then sum up the topic you are working on.You don’t have to add other people’s opinions, just your personal thoughts on the issue.


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