Descriptive Essay Makes Good Teacher

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Through this, the teachers can guide students to attain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the world.

Identifying which teacher was the best I’ve ever had is a very simple task, despite the array that I have to choose from.

As a conclusion, teachers play a crucial and vital role in the molding of students, who constitute a nations future human resource.

Every teacher should embed the qualities stated above into their selves, in order to become a competent educator.

This teacher will just stuck with the concept, while explain the concept repeatedly to the student until the student copes up with the concept.

Next, I would confidently say that the attitude of being responsible also plays a major part among those individual roles.An honest teacher is a teacher who will work diligently with full-dedicated spirit, either inside the classroom or in any social interactions outside the classroom.The teacher is also willing to spend additional time despite the classroom period, in order to guide his/her students.For example, based on my own experience during schooling days, some teachers are very good, whereas some teachers are not that good.Teachers should possess many qualities that closely related to the teaching values, which encompass the individual, social and professional characteristics and qualities of teachers.In view of this, a teacher should not look at his/her individual qualities alone, but the social qualities such as having well manner, being friendly, modest, dedicated and honest as well.It is undeniable that honesty is a priority among the social qualities in every teacher.Whereas, he/she will always be conscientious and involved in after school meetings, committees, projects besides assisting students.High professional qualities are also important for a qualified trained teacher.They also do not take things for granted and always put full effort to fulfil their job.For example, a dedicated teacher does not necessarily end his/her class exactly after the bell rings.


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