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This well-disciplined lifestyle and a common Rule of Law extending throughout a large area leads some historians to believe and suggest the Indus Valley civilisation in Pakistan as possibly the earliest cradle and model of democracy; one which was based on a "popular rule by the people" based on the conceptions of Welfare State and Rule of law (and hence the presence of some form of Democracy) which even predated old Greece.

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It was one of the earliest and largest ancient human civilisations alongside Mesopotamia, the Nile Valley, Anatolia and ancient China, known for its highly developed, sophisticated and urbanised culture and much later also old Greece which had some form of democratic rule.

Historians and social scientists studying the civilisation's social structure observe that the Indus Valley had an organised planning system, including standard architecture, civic controls, consistent grid layouts and uniformed sanitary facilities.

Because of this problem democracy is always facing difficulties.

Military intervention in the democratic path was regarded as a dead blow in the way of democracy.

After independence, massive corruption started to great extent. Lack of accountability is known as threat for any institution.

Democracy Essay Pakistan

In the absence of accountability no country can maintain its strong foothold. Since inception, Pakistan has been facing the challenge of lack of is main reason of democratic downfall.It creates unnecessary barriers in the process of democracy.Pakistan has been facing this menace since independence. Pakistan as a sovereign state came into existence on 14 august 1947. According to him, It is a process which people initiates by conscious decision and sustain by subscribing to its principle by theory and practices.” Here the question arises, what is the nature of democracy? These initial efforts brought tremendous change in India. Active participation of people has been viewed in India.Now let’s have a cursory look on the elaboration of the following causes.Overdeveloped state structure causes a great hurdle in the path of democracy.Pakistan has been facing this challenge since independence.The monopolization and centralization of power have creating a lot of problem for Pakistan. Political instability is the main threat to democratic process.It creates a sense of self deprivation among masses.Active participation of people has not been viewed since independence.


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