Critical Thinking Claims And Arguments Quiz

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Finally, you should indicate whether or not the argument is sound in your opinion, or, if it is not possible to decide (for example because you cannot judge the truth of a key premise) you should indicate what further information would be required for you to decide.

Assessment Item 5: Short argument Weighting: 10% Word Count: 500 Learning Outcomes: 1, 4, 5, 7 For this assignment, you will take the belief claim that you analysed in the first assignment and write an argument against it.

You should then identify and name any fallacies that you can find in the argument, with brief explanations for each one that you identify.

You will also be expected to identify any of the positive strategies discussed in the course that you can find in it, with brief explanations for each.

Course Description This course is split into two components.

The first aims to introduce students to practices of argumentation, critical analysis, and evaluation.You will find that attending tutorials is a great way to improve your assessment outcomes, because it gives you a chance to practice the sorts of activities you need to do for the assessment, and to receive feedback on your efforts.There will also be opportunities to discuss the assigned readings, and to share your own observations and discoveries with other students.Assessment Item 3: Argument mapping quiz Weighting: 10% Duration: 30 minutes Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 5 This assessment item will be composed of multiple-choice, mapping and short answer questions aimed at helping students to clarify arguments by identifying conclusions, premises, objections, and suppressed premises and objections.Assessment Item 4: Critical analysis task Weighting: 20% Word Count: 750 Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 You will need to find a nontechnical newspaper or magazine editorial (or section of an editorial – no more than 250 words) to analyse.To receive of the possible marks, students must attend a minimum of 10 tutorials (out of 12).Half of the marks for each tutorial will be granted on the basis of the quality of students’ participation.You can do the exercises online and the program tells you whether your answers are right or wrong.( the program uses slightly different symbolism to ours.You may contact me ([email protected]) for approval of an alternative statement if you do not feel you can do the activity with one of the options below.We will have a go at a version of this activity in tutorials the week before it is due.


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