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You can get a quick overview of career paths in magazine, newspaper and online journalism and film, TV and radio from our advice on job options in the media. Find out about internships and graduate careers in the media, journalism and publishing from our graduate careers site uk.

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In a career in retail, creativity is particularly important for visual merchandisers, who work out how to make produce look attractive in stores.

We are the Creative Team—we’re on a big mission, and nothing will stop us. “I came from the ad agency world, where we served by helping other people's businesses grow.

Some of us are still fighting our way out of it, but we aren’t going back in.It's about HOPE, and actually helping people and changing their lives and family trees. You can't get that at the average agency.” — Creative Director We have put together a Creative Team of over 120 people that is bigger than the sum of its parts. Money problems, marriage problems, career problems and life problems are strangling the creativity of everyday people and businesses. Using your creativity doesn’t mean you’re doomed to poverty; starving in a garret for the sake of your art is strictly optional.However, your choice of career inevitably has implications for your future earning power and lifestyle. Additionally, we place more emphasis on personal and professional growth than any creative place I've ever worked.” — Associate Creative Director “Creatives should want to work here so they can be led by the best creative leaders in the country that not only heavily invest in you as a person—and a designer or leader—but also use their influence (which extends all the way to board level) to make sure creative is seen as more than design, but actually problem solving that should be involved in all aspects of the business. Here at Ramsey, we get to make the decisions that help OUR business grow, and in turn, help others in the world grow.If you fancy working in a sparky environment where fresh ideas are encouraged and rewarded, chances are you’re attracted to creative industries such as TV, publishing, advertising and music.However, you might also feel at home with other types of employer.These are some career areas that are generally thought of as creative: Interested in a career in fashion design?Check out our tips for university interviews for fashion design degrees.


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