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It also covers recognizing emergencies, calling 911, as well as adult, child and infant CPR and choking rescue techniques. Request a course This seminar includes demonstrations on what CPR is, how to administer CPR and what people can do in case of an emergency.Seminars include learning the risk factors of a heart attack along with stroke and what warning signs to look for.Worth the Investment in Life-saving Time Calling “911” is simply not enough to save a life as it takes, on average, around 10 minutes for paramedics to arrive.

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If you wait up to 10 minutes, damage to the brain is almost assured – also permanent.

So, those 6-hour classes that teach CPR are well worth the investment in life-saving time.

A course completion card is issued to participants.

The BLS Healthcare Provider Course teaches: It also includes instruction in one and two rescuer CPR and relief of foreign body airway obstruction in adults, infants, and children.

Why You Can’t Depend on Paramedics Alone Because cardiac arrest can occur at any time of life, it’s not a condition that is suffered by older people alone.

What’s more, statistics reveal that a whopping 95% of the people, who are not given CPR, die while enroute to the hospital.

As a bonus, the host receives the training for half the price! Request a course This course is specifically designed for 11 to 14 year olds who want to learn how to babysit safely.

The course covers being home alone, preparing for babysitting, growth and development of children, and activities to entertain children of varying age levels.

Class length varies from 3½ hours to 8 hours depending on coursework.

Ideal for people with limited or no medical training, and/or professional rescuers who may need to act as first responders and deliver first aid to victims with medical and environmental emergencies at work, home, or in the community.


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