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along with the 110 states that have declared capital punishment as illegal, the European non-death penalty nation’s data reveals that the U.S has more than two times the number of homicides that of Europe (Shin, 2007).

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There lacks sufficient evidence to prove that such a capital punishment can work as a form of deterrence.

It is greatly assumed that the great fear of receiving such punishment or justice can deter murder or other crimes that deserve this form of punishment.

It is, therefore, worth pointing out that the death penalty option is never a conclusive evidence or justification in the criminal justice system as a means of deterrence in preventing people from committing crimes.

In Canada, the act of carrying out death penalty has proved to be an ineffective form of deterrence.

A large majority of those that were interviewed believed that the punishment is not a proven deterrence method to homicide.

More than 80% of those interviewed had a strong belief that present research fails to support a deterrence effect as far as the death penalty is concerned.The death penalty has been a debatable issue for years with its concepts of deterrence, just punishment, and retribution being disagreed upon.For it to be performed, there should be a legal trial.It is unfortunate that there are those who commit crimes out of passion and care less of the possible repercussions.With or without the capital punishment, people will are bound to commit crimes.However, Henry VII reign had approximately 7200 people executed through quartering, beheadings, hanging, boiling and burning at stake (Block & Hostettler, 1997).The death penalty is not effective and should be dropped as a form of punishment. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting.Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Background information The death penalty has been a tool that has been used for centuries to punish those that commit heinous crimes.Some criminologists do suggest that the death penalty causes more homicides annually.The brutalization effect has it that the rates of homicides will tend to go up because of the executions in states.


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