Computer Service Business Plan

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Most business plans can be divided into common sections like these:- Executive Summary- Company Description- Products and Services- Marketing Plan- Operational Plan- Management and Organization- Personal Financial Statement- Startup Expenses and Capitalization- Cash Flow Analysis If financing is a part of the puzzle, even more time should be spent on presentation and documentation.

You will be judged by the lending institution on the quality and accuracy of your numbers of your business plan.

And if you are a owner/operator (one man band) you will need to do many administrative, marketing, and record keeping tasks that all take away from billable time.

In fact, some of the most effective owner/operators I know in the computer repair business are ecstatic with a 70% bill ratio.

If you will already have service contracts or written commitments from clients, you might need employees.

A good alternative to the warehouse or office building options is to go with an executive business suite.This is where many new Computer Repair Business owners have the most difficulties.Being a good technician and knowledgeable repair guy is not enough in today's competitive marketplace. Marketing and customer skills are paramount to finding and keeping customers.The two most common flaws in business plans are under estimating costs and over estimating revenue.A good example in the Computer Repair Business is for one to assume that since there are an average of 171 working hours in any given month, that you could bill 171 hours or the total amount.After determining your startup and operating costs, the marketing aspect of your new business is most important.Without sales (and revenue), all you have is a hobby according to the IRS.If you're thinking about starting Computer Repair Business, it's a very good idea to create a business plan. I don't know anyone who has ever stuck with his or her original business plan. Well, planning and doing is the same as hypothetical and reality.Once you get immersed in your business, you often have to modify your plan to fit real world situations.If you plan on providing onsite service, then you might not need anything but a mail or PO box somewhere close to home for parts and receiving mail.Especially if your onsite service is to individuals or the home market rather than commercial clients.


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