Computer Engineering Dissertations

Following is a complete list of doctoral graduates of the Department of Computer Science, with their dissertation titles.

Graduates of other departments or schools, whose primary adviser was a member of the Department of Computer Science, are also listed. Advisor affiliations are given if the advisor was not on the UNC Department of Computer Science faculty.

Pizer) Chandak, Anish (2011) “Efficient Geometric Sound Propagation Using Visibility Culling.” (Dinesh Manocha) Chang, Chun-Fa.

(2001) “LDI Tree: A Sampling Rate Preserving and Hierarchical Data Representation for Image-Based Rendering” (Gary Bishop) Chattopadhyay, Bipasa (2015) “Integrating Pragmatic Constraints and Behaviors Into Real-Time Scheduling Theory” (Sanjoy Baruah) Chen, David T.

Brooks Jr.) Bethea, Darrell (2015) “WACCO & LOKO: Strong Consistency at Global Scale” (Mike Reiter) Biagioni, Edoardo S. Brooks, Jr.) Bollella, Gregory (1997) “Slotted Priorities: Supporting Real-Time Computing Within General-Purpose Operating Systems” (Kevin Jeffay) Borland, David Morrison (2007) “Flexible Occlusion Rendering for Improved Views of Three-Dimensional Medical Images” (Russell M. (2011) “Scheduling and Locking in Multiprocessor Real-Time Operating Systems” (James H. (1977) “A Methodology for the Ergonomic Design of Interactive Computer Graphic Systems, and its Application to Crystallography” (Frederick P.

Brooks Jr.) Broadhurst, Robert Elijah (2008) “Compact Appearance in Object Populations Using Quantile Function Based Distribution Families” (Stephen Pizer) Brown, Peter H.

Weiss) Burns, Eric (2007) “MACBETH: Management of Avatar Conflict By Employment of a Technique Hybrid” (Frederick P. William (1970) “Syntax-Semantics Systems As Structure Manipulation Systems: Phrase Structure Grammars and Generalized Finite Automata” (David B.

Benson) Calandrino, John (2009) “On the Design and Implementation of a Cache-Aware Soft Real-Time Scheduler for Multicore Platforms” (James Anderson) Cannon, Robert L. Weiss) Cao, Tian (2016) “Coupled Dictionary Learning for Image Analysis” (Marc Niethammer) Carlson, Eric D.

(2002) “Multiscale Evaluation of 3D Shape Perception in Computer Graphics” (Christina Burbeck) Brown, Shawn (2015) “Case Studies on Optimizing Algorithms for GPU Architectures” (Jack Snoeyink) Brownlee, Jr., Edward H.

(1975) “Lossiness in Tessellation Automata” (Stephen F.


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