Compare Contrast Democrats Republicans Essay

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Republicans believe abortions should not be legal and that Roe v. Some Republicans go so far as to oppose the contraception mandate i.e.

requiring employer-paid health insurance plans to cover contraception.

Indeed, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a government agency that many Republican presidential candidates love to deride as an example of "useless" government agencies that they would shut down. Republicans in Congress were demanding cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (or SNAP), while Democrats wanted to expand this program.

Democrats argued that with the unemployment rate high, many families needed the assistance provided by the program.

The economically left-leaning activist philosophy of Franklin D.

Roosevelt, which has strongly influenced American liberalism, has shaped much of the party's economic agenda since 1932.

Roosevelt's New Deal coalition usually controlled the national government until 1964.

The Republican Party today supports a pro-business platform, with foundations in economic libertarianism, and fiscal and social conservatism.

There is greater overall support in the Democratic party for a moratorium on deporting - or offering a pathway to citizenship to - certain undocumented immigrants. those with no criminal record, who have lived in the U. They also oppose President Obama's executive order that put a moratorium on deporting certain workers.

Republicans also fund stronger enforcement actions at the border.


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