Comparative Essay On Hamlet And Laertes

Comparative Essay On Hamlet And Laertes-12
Claudius advises that he wait and kill Hamlet during a rigged fencing match.After he is stabbed, he regrets his role as avenger because he has been used as a tool for Claudius' revenge.

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All three men try to take revenge for fathers murdered, but each are delayed in doing so, and each regret the act after: Fortinbras takes political actionto avenge his father's death.

Old Fortinbras was killed by Hamlet Sr., and Hamlet Sr.

I feel like that’s what makes Hamlet’s revenge so appealing to readers, being able to delay and contemplate his actions make it different than any other revenge tragedy we’ve read so far.

Hamlet’s fourth soliloquy is an important change in thought process that shows how the army of Fortinbras is so willing to walk into their graves over something as insignificant as a small plot of land while he’s not able to carry out his revenge, which is something that he believes is justified. How stand I, then, That have a father killed, a mother stained, Excitements of my reason and my blood, And let all sleep, while, to my shame, I see The imminent death of twenty thousand men That, for a fantasy and trick of fame Go to their graves like beds (

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Comparative Essay On Hamlet And Laertes

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For example, there is a moment in Act IV where Claudius asks Laertes what he would do to show that he was really his father’s son and said “To cut his throat i’th’ church” ( This is a very revealing quote about Laertes’s character, willing to kill someone in what is considered a safe haven of God.

Compare this to Hamlet, who is unwilling to kill Claudius when he sees him praying earlier on in the play.

was already killed by Claudius, so Fortinbras decides to wage war on the entire state of Denmark.

He tries to be a man of action, but he is called back by his uncle,...


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