Case Study On Schizophrenia Undifferentiated

Case Study On Schizophrenia Undifferentiated-29
The main subtypes include the classifications of paranoid, disorganized, and catatonic, and each of these subtypes displays unique characteristics or symptoms (Hansell, & Damour, 2008).Patients suffering from paranoid schizophrenia will usually display symptoms of hallucinations or delusions.

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Medical notations indicate that the patent's mother was an avid smoker, consuming approximately two packs of cigarets daily before and during pregnancy.

Further notations include that the patient’s mother suffered from a very severe case of the flue during her fifth month of pregnancy.

Sally is a young girl suffering from schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder, or a group of disorders represented by a severe impairment of individual thought process, and behavior (The Free Dictionary, 2012).

Her first documented schizophrenia episode requiring hospitalization occurred shortly after the additional symptoms started to be displayed.

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During her examination, the patient displayed signs of unresponsiveness, and waxy flexibility that allowed her limbs to be easily positioned (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009).

While researchers have yet to discover the cause of schizophrenia, many suspect genetics to be a major contributor (Pub Med Health, 20120).

The patient’s case study indicates that she has a history of eccentricity.

Individuals who display symptoms of schizophrenia but lack any symptoms of the three primary classifications are likely to be diagnosed into one of two alternate classifications: residual or undifferentiated schizophrenia (Hansell, & Damour, 2008).

Symptoms of schizophrenia are classified into two primary categories.


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