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The other side can be strict in discipline, demanding, always pushing and encouraging more and better performance" (Leman p. Personality although not completely dependent on birth order relies heavily on which order one was born in.Birth order effects are a result of a competition among siblings as they fight for family prominence.

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My little brother fills all of these characteristics; one minute last children are spoiled and the next they are getting made fun of.

In self defense these ‘baby’s’ grow up with an independent cockiness to shield them from their own feelings of self doubt.

They are known for their strong power for concentration and conscientiousness as well as their tolerance an patience.

"Fifty-two percent of United States presidents have been first borns (only four were the babies in their families)" (Leman p.69).

With the birth of the second born the feeling of inferiority grows stronger, resulting in increased competition between the two children.

"Of all the birth order positions, middleness is the most difficult to define, let alone describe or generalize about in any meaningful way" (Wilson and Edington p. Alders view of the middle children was much more promising as he was one him self.First-born children are "little adults" who often go on to become the leaders and achievers in life" (Leman p. First borns have an understanding and appreciation for the past.Other characteristics of first borns is being a pleaser, a nurturer, and a caregiver.More coursework: 1 - A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I - J | K - L | M | N - O | P - S | T | U - Y Birth Order and the Effects on Personality The psychological effects on personality resulting from birth order have been studied for over a century and psychologists have recorded many fascinating results."First borns are reported to be more responsible and achievement oriented then later-borns, who are in turn reported to be more socially successful than their older siblings" (Sulloway p. First borns deal with pressure from their parents to be the exceptionally better at everything.They are much more accepting of change, adventure, and more rebellious then the first borns."When they rebel, they do so largely out of frustration, or compassion for others, rather then from hatred or ideological fanaticism" (Sulloway p. From my reading it is quite clear that second borns intimidate the first borns in the way they act.They may try to compete with them or they may branch off in a completely different direction.What ever they choose for their life style they will all branch off from the first born child.It is important to remember that a spoiled child is a dependent child. When they try to suppress these feelings can come across as a form of intimidation to the other siblings.First born children tend to also be over achievers and workaholics.


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