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I was thinking about resetting footnote text as "once-per-page" (not "once-per-chapter") but decided to avoid this due to high density of the references in my thesis.If you are interested in such a behavior some useful information can be found here.

For example: package, which is one of the most notable packages I have used with La Te X.

The package provides a highly customizable interface for the creation and edit of the presentation of bibliographic data in the document.

In Bib Te X reference information is stored in format-independent plain text file(s) (usually with command, and later at the document compilation step La Te X input files must be processed with La Te X and Bib Te X.

The most popular approaches to indicate a reference appearing in the text can be classified as "numeric" and "author–year".

In my thesis I have decided to use "numeric" indication, but contrary to the example above reference numbers appear in the text as a footnote: reference number by itself has script size, This citation scheme improves in-line space saving compared to the plain numeric indication due to the reduced size of numbers, and at the same time allows the reader to see what exactly was cited without looking in the bibliography (which is typically located at the end of a document or chapter).

The drawback of the footnote citation scheme follows from the space consumed at the bottom of the page: if there are too many citations on the page, footnote text will occupy a lot of space.

for anything that doesn't fit in the others (private communications, for example).

Once you've defined what the source is, everything else goes in between curly braces as shown in the example.

On the other hand, author–year indication shows more information on the cited document (typically, first one or two author names, and a year of a publication), but requires more space compared to the numeric one.

The space consumed by reference may become important if your document has high density of references (and you care about in-line space "wasted" by references :).


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