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Other than the characters and how the story develops, think about the author’s writing style.

Give the book your complete attention so that you will be able to offer readers and the author a fair review.

Failing to start your reading on writing with anything other than this undisputed classic would be akin to reading the top ten Christian classics while ignoring the Bible.

This short paperback is recommended by every writing teacher I know.

I sat under his teaching years ago and still follow his advice. He was a graceful classicist as a writer, and this million-seller has been lauded for its warmth and clarity.

Zinsser offers sound tips on the fundamentals of writing any kind of nonfiction you can think of.

Mom was not only a piano teacher well into her eighties, but she was also a piano student.

So it’s the memory of my mother that spurs me also to keep reading everything there is to read—especially about writing.

And therefore, it cannot be entertaining to readers.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison once said: Take your time to settle in with the book and make notes as you go along of anything striking that will be good to mention when you write your review.


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