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However, this article is really an addendum to our previous article on content automation, and I’m assuming most people want to use content agencies to scale.And at scale, you won’t have time to revise many articles.There is a title above the article, which reflects its subject.

To my knowledge, there’s no good resource on this yet.

We weren’t able to find any good case studies comparing the popular content agencies, and I think it’s a really important thing for you guys to know. So, at it’s heart, this post is three things: a case study, a collection of reviews, and a good ol’ fashioned competition.

An article can describe products, services, experiences, events, occurrences, person, places etc.

Objectives of Article Writing Mainly there are 5 Types of Article Editorial: Feature: How to: News: Profile: Experts Works in 5 Easy Steps to Write a Good Article Article Format.

You’ll either be paying someone to do it or simply relying on the quality of the agency to get good content you don’t have to edit much. Instead, I think it’s more useful for our particular problem (scaling a website) to find out which agency does the best job on the first try.

I wanted to establish a list of criteria that was faithful to the goal of the experiment: finding the agency that does the best job on the first try for the least money and the least work.

For most people, one of the most crucially important things to get right when building a content machine is finding a good, reliable source for content that allows you to scale.

I did, and my site took a massive jump forward (I’ll tell you which one of these I use for most of my content below).

Still, we tried to keep the process as similar as we could across the board. Hopefully, I still left enough wiggle room for the good agencies (and writers) to show their stuff. And I won’t go beyond that if I can help it, unless……Unless an agency representative specifically seeks me out to do so.

To that end, we set up three essential rules for this experiment. Here’s the brief I sent each agency (you can read the whole thing here). For example, one agency (you’ll see below) sent me an email asking if there was anything they could help with for my first project.


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