Beauty Pageant Essay

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Indeed today, beauty pageants for young girls are gaining more and more popularity.

However, it has not only attracted popularity, but howls of criticisms too.

They claim that competing with others can train the children to be gracious winners as well as good losers.

Also, beauty pageants, they say, are meant to make the child realize and understand that there is a competition out there and that joining a beauty pageant is one means to preparing her to face the challenges in order to succeed in the future.

Other health problems that a good number of girls experience because of these pageants include paranoia, anxiety, and feelings of inferiority, anorexia, bulimia, poor self-esteem, depression and a countless number of more issues (Cartwright, 2011).

Given these health-related problems, who in the world would risk their child to join pageants and acquire these problems that may soon manifest as long term disorders in life?That would be a typical child beauty pageant scene.Basically, a beauty pageant is an assemblage of girls or women at which judges select the most beautiful (Cartwright, 2011).The second one has something to do with camaraderie or friendly competition.They say that these pageants can teach the child the aspects of rules and fair play.The last one has to deal with beauty pageants being responsible for the sexualisation of young girls.It also promotes a materialistic belief in them and it enforces the message that looks or physical beauty today- is the currency of one’s true beauty.Beauty pageants mainly are divided into categories such as the talent portion, the modeling portion and the personal interview or the question and answer portion.Beauty pageant winners are so-called beauty queens and awards for these beauty contests include titles, tiaras or crowns, sashes, and cash prizes.And to realize the big picture behind every thought, we have to examine both.Let us start with what all that is good about these child beauty pageants.


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