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In Beatrice’s barb: ‘one is too like an image and says nothing,’ her criticalness of all men is exposed.This is because she describes Don John, a quiet and reserved villain , unknown as notorious at the time, who had not insulted her previously and had not even talked to her, in an extremely antagonistic way.By stating that he ‘stood like a man at a mark,’ Benedick believes that he is noble and honest, unlike Beatrice. ‘Every word stabs’ personifies Beatrice’s crass taunts as sharp weapons.

This is reiterated momentarily in act I scene I in their first proper war of tongues, where Benedick says ‘o’ God’s name, I have done.

‘ The reader can perceive this comment by Benedick as a dismissal gesture, probably to stop Beatrice saying something hurtful about their previous relationship, which would change who the other characters in the play’s thoughts on who had won.

‘ She cleverly coins the name ‘Mountanto’ with obvious sexual innuendo from a fencing term for an upward thrust, insulting Benedick once more.

Her hatred of Benedick is shown from a slightly different perspective by the witticism ‘stuffed man’ in which she implies that he is a scarecrow ie something ugly and mocked which causes the birds, in this case ladies, to run away, just as Beatrice had.

Her jests are first of all aimed at Don John, where she states: ‘I am heartburned an hour after’ in a comedic way, causing Antonio to snigger.

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Here, her criticalness of all men is shown as even though it caused her family members to laugh, Beatrice said it with a veil of sincerity, shown by her facial and bodily gestures of seriousness, emphasized by a long shot to capture everyone in the background and their reactions.

Benedick’s desperation is apparent due to close ups of his face, showing his desperate and wounded face, this, coupled with his strained voice which was close to tears, depicts the fact that Benedick inside has a soft heart. When Benedick pleads with Don Pedro, saying ‘will your grace command me any service to the worlds end,’ Beatrice raises an eyebrow humorously, indicating that she is happy to see Benedick hurting from her words.

Benedick’s childlike and sensitive manner is also shown in act II scene III, where, when Benedick sees Claudio, Don Pedro and Leonato approaching, he runs away with his foldable chair, and instead tries to place it further away from the trio, however, he wasn’t able to open it out properly and thus he couldn’t sit down, this was coupled with his imbecilic like sneaking around when Don Pedro, Claudio and Leonato were discussing how Beatrice loved Benedick.

When Beatrice guilefully insults Benedick when they are each behind their masks talking, insulting Benedick by calling him a ‘dull fool,’ she again demonstrates her abhorrence of Benedick, backed up by the close up of her face, with her wittily raised eyebrows and satirical expression to highlight the fact for the audience.

Secondly, in act II scene I of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing,’ Benedick, normally hard and comedic, is portrayed as profoundly sensitive underneath his outer shell: ‘I stood like a man at a mark, with a whole army shooting at me. ‘ Benedick’s desperate confession to Don Pedro after Beatrice’s vindicative and machiavellian barbs show that, while on the outside, Benedick doesn’t seem to care about what Beatrice thinks and remarks about him, inside, Benedick is hurting badly.


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