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This conveys the message that soldiers are not happy or proud to be in the war.

In the second line of ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ it uses personification by quoting ‘ anger of the guns’.

Its personification because it is giving guns a human form ‘anger’.

Both of these lines set your mind to think about life in the war and what’s going to happen next.

In the second line of ‘Attack’ it’s very atmospheric, because it goes on to say that the troops massed in to battle in the ‘glowering sun’, which is personification because glowering is a human life form and the sun can’t glower.

“They” by Siegfried Sassoon The poem exists out of two stanzas, with a rhyme pattern of ababcc dedeff.

The tone of the poem appears to be a little sarcastic and mocking.In line 1-6 the Bishop, is telling the boys that when the soldiers return from the war, they will not be the same again, and he states the reasons why.The boys’ response to this can be seen in line 7-11.In ‘Attack’ he is about to go into battle from a trench whereas in ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ he is being more general, but they are both cataclysmic.The first line in ‘Attack’ is about the actual battle-taking place at dawn, so straight away you know what’s happening and it sets a mood, which is calm but is also goading.“WE’D gained our first objective hours before”, is the first line in “Counter Attack”.The personal pro noun “WE’D” is emphasised in the poem telling the reader that THEY (him and the soldiers) have accomplished their objective and could imply that the generals or people in higher command have not.It is really heart breaking that society blames God or Religion for things that go wrong, instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions. I am writing this essay on the 12 year anniversary of 911, and I cannot help to think about all the innocent people that have died and have been injured in the attack. The poem is a direct conversation between a Bishop and boys (soldiers), it can be seen by the use of the double quotations.I assume for the boys to be soldiers as they know the other soldiers by their names.


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