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College Countdown offers a complete unofficial practice test, essays and all.While the exact wording of the multiple-choice questions isn’t exactly the same as on a real AP exam, the tasks are very similar and the passages are well-selected.There are, in general, three resources that the College Board offers for any given AP exam: complete released exams, released free-response questions from previous years, and sample questions from the “AP Course and Exam Description.” Unfortunately, the College Board doesn’t appear to have released any official complete AP English Language and Composition practice exams, so I have nothing to link to here.

The passages do open in another window, though, which is a small annoyance.

Albert offers a huge number of mini-quizzes on analyzing the rhetoric of various notable nonfiction passages.

Therefore, when possible, it’s best to use College Board materials.

However, it’s worth noting that official resources for AP Language and Composition are a little bit sparse, especially when compared to the AP Literature exam.

The questions don’t exactly sound like genuine AP questions—the style is a little more informal and to the point—but they are decent practice for answering questions about rhetorical techniques as applied in a given passage.

You can’t access the most difficult questions if you don’t pay, but all of the other question levels are free.Make sure any AP Language and Composition released exams you get this way have answer keys, though!You might also ask your AP teacher if she has any copies of old AP exams you can use for practice.AP teachers can purchase past exams from the College Board that students don’t have access to.She may not be able to let you take them home, but even then you could be allowed to use them in a supervised setting.I DID SAY THINGS THAT ARE OVERRATED, AND I TALKED ABOUT HOW THEY BECOME/ARE OVERRATED, BUT I DISAGREED WITH THE IDEA THAT THEY ARE OVERRATEDIm super scared because I want that dummy thicc 5 and my AP Lang teacher has read over my argument essays before and said that they're 9 worthy.workshop @IU13 thanks to our awesome instructor Tim Moxey and all the awesome Ts I met!The College Board has posted years and years worth of past AP Language and Composition free-response questions that are at your disposal for practice purposes.However, only the tests from 2007-onward include the same three question types that are on the test currently.EDIT: I don't think I'm explaining my response right lemme try again lol I'm so worried A lot of people were saying about how they were ranting about something that's overrated I understood the prompt to be the about the concept and the role of the term overrated I said that the word overrated creates stigma and is harmful (I kinda was saying how the word overrated... I talked about how popular musical artists in general can be seen as overrated and how/why they become overrated. I mentioned how certain artists such as Taylor Swift, rising indie artists, and the genre KPOP can be seen as overrated and I mentioned why calling them overrated was unfair.


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