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While 82 percent of Democrats think that the press “keeps political leaders from doing things that shouldn’t be done,” only 38 percent of Republicans agree.In the same Pew poll taken in 2009, in the beginnings of President Obama’s administration, Republicans actually trusted the media more strongly than Democrats.Some argue that the press is already doing this and that their efforts have not succeeded.

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Although most media outlets commit to objectivity, members of the party in power still have the perception that the press is trying to bring down their party’s administration.

Regaining Americans’ trust Restoring faith in the press will be essential for the future of the country.

Baum said this points toward polarization as the source of the distrust of the media.

“As polarization has increased, trust in the independence of the media has receded,” he said.

“Over time that has had an effect on public perception of objectivity of the press.

What President Trump did is act more overtly and aggressively than [any other President] has.” Baum believes this decades-long trend, exacerbated by Trump’s rhetoric, explains the results of a 2017 which found that “Americans’ perceptions of the news media are generally negative, and their perceptions of bias [in reporting] have grown considerably from a generation ago.

Some would argue that, throughout history, the press has reported inaccurate information and has gotten away with doing so because the public trusted it too much.

However, according to Compton, the mainstream media knows that it has an obligation to report the unbiased truth, and should be believed. As a reporter, I care whether every American who has to cast a vote [or] pay taxes …

, to make a nationwide call for newspapers to defend their work by publishing coordinated editorials.

“Trump [had] stepped up his rhetoric against the press …


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