Ap Bio Diffusion Osmosis Essay

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To test this, dialysis tubes were submerged in different concentration fructose solutions.

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There are many different factors that can affect the rate of osmosis such as temperature, particle size, and the size of the concentration gradient.I then placed the tubes back into their respective solutions.The process was repeated four times for each tube in 5 minute increments, and then the materials were disposed of.The results illustrated that increased concentration gradient increases the rate of diffusion of water in the tubes.We concluded that as concentration of the The following hypothesis was made in regard to effect of the concentration gradient on the rate of diffusion: The higher the concentration gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion.The beakers were labeled accordingly, and then 20 g, 40 g, and 80 g (respectively) of table sugar was weighed out using a digital scale and placed into the corresponding beakers.The sugar was stirred in using a stirring rod until all of the solute was completely dissolved. Osmosis was allowed to occur for 5 minutes and then all of the tubes were removed from the water.Sucrose Molarity 0 M 0.1 M 0.2 M 0.3 M 0.4 M 0.5 M 0.6 M Final Weight (g) 5.1g 5g 4.7g 4.5g 4.2g 4.1g 4.2g Initial Weight (g) 4.4g 4.5g 4.4g 4.3g 4.4g 4.5g 4.4g Weight Change (g) 0.7g 0.5g -0.3g -0.2g -0.2g -0.4g -0.2g % Change in Weight 15.9g 11.1g -6.82g -4.65g -4.55g -8.89g -4.55g Table 1: Discussion When the potato gains weight it was in a hypertonic solution, and when the potato loss weight it was in a hypotonic solution.If the potato would not have changed weight it would have been an isotonic solution, but that was not the case in this experiment. This data therefore supports the hypothesis that the potato that would be more hypertonic to the sucrose solution and would gain weight, whereas the potato would be hypotonic to the solution and would lose weight.Whereas Osmosis is the process in which water crosses membranes from regions of high water concentration to areas with low water concentration.While molecules in diffusion move down a concentration gradient, molecules during osmosis both move down a concentration gradient as well as across it.


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