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Andy Warhol was born in 1928 and was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by his parents who were both Czech emigrants (The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, 2013).His mother, being artistic, encouraged his interest in art with presents for accomplishing some minor art tasks.

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He wanted to display his view of America and to him eating Campbell's soup represented being American.

Andy wanted to explore these common images that are part of our everyday lives, which we accept without hesitation.

The pop artist not only depicted mass products but he also wanted to mass-produce his own works of pop art. It was an art studio where he employed in a rather chaotic way "art workers" to mass produce mainly prints and posters but also other items like shoes designed by the artist.

Warhol's favorite printmaking technique was silkscreen.

Andy Warhol produced works that defied the popular notion of what art should be.

Warhol's works were meant to be taken at face value, for nothing more than what they portrayed on the surface.

This essay seeks to examine Andy Warhol and his painting career with a focus on his style, its tenets, and his overall contribution to the art of painting.

From a moral perspective, Warhol’s paintings do not seem to breach any norms, yet they still spurred heated discussions.

In his painting 32 Soup Cans ( Shanes 53 ), one can note his prominent use of repetition.

Andy Warhol emerged as the most illustrious among other pop artists.


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