Aims And Objectives Of Thesis

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There are some strong verbs than can be used to write the objectives effectively such as; construct, collect, develop, measure, devise, select, product etc.In addition to this the objectives should be SMART, here S means Specific, M means Measurable, A means Achievable, R means Realistic and T means Time constrained.The answer should answer two questions: what are are you doing and how are you doing it.

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A research proposal's aims are statements that broadly point out what you hope to accomplish and your desired outcomes from the research.

Aims focus on long-term intended outcomes or your aspirations in reference to the research.

The researcher should have all the knowledge about the topic and the consequences before making any dissertation.

Sure, you’re not looking to capture all the richness and detail in a short summary of aims & objectives, but you are looking to tell the reader what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

While your aims give your research thematic and theoretic direction, objectives give concrete steps on how to manifest those concepts and theories.

A strong topic begins with an area you're interested in researching, then focuses on a need, problem or unexplored issue in that area, usually from a particular perspective or approach.

But the sign of someone able to master complexity is their ability to summarise it.

If you’re struggling to clearly articulate your aims & objectives, then try the following task.

Think of it the other way: it's about not making things more complicated and unclear than they need to be.

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