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Being an adult now, I wonder whether we have lost our passion for life, for the beauty of nature. The wisdom and inspiration of the moment hit me straight into the head.

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God blessed me I wasn’t on one of those scenic trains, that take you to mind-blowing places and you can be lost for words to describe the beauty of the landscape outside.'Many times the wrong train took me to the right place...' I was contemplating the meaning and wisdom of Mr.

Coelho’s words some more time when my eye caught the image of a sweet, little girl staring out the train window.

As if you are able to grasp wisdom that has not been within your reach before.

I am thankful that from there onwards traveling by train became something I love doing, something I treasure and look forward to.

Each type of travel has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Traveling by car gives you an opportunity to stop whenever you want, stay over for a night and follow your own time schedule.

Sitting on a train on a sunny morning and reading a book, I came across Paulo Coelho’s quote which read as 'many times the wrong train took me to the right place'.

I suppressed the binge to check out my ticket, whether I had boarded the right train and started wondering what I would find at my final destination, which might just turn out to be that magic right place. Would I enjoy the journey more than the actual fact of getting there? Like many other train passengers, I dived into my book and became totally focused on my reading.

But do not worry, there is a solution for everything, and since there is not really something as the 'wrong solution,' we recommend not to get stressed out if your train ride is not going as planned. If you don’t know the place, take out the Peak Visor app, have a look at the landscape around you and if there are mountains present, you will learn where you are in no time!

The wrong train can bring you to the right place after all.


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