Activities For Critical Thinking For College Students

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These capable learners invest themselves fully in preparation for their exams, only to have their work judged as inadequate.

Their efforts are called into question, and over time they divest themselves from academics and reinvest in other areas.

Cultural change requires impacting students who disproportionally influence the academic culture.

Good students are effective vehicles for change because they are numerous, thus amplifying their impact, and because they can improve the most with the least number of resources.

Similarly perplexed are young people who aced tests and earned high marks in high school but in college, even with added study time, can’t figure how to rise to the level of achievement they’d been confident they’d attain.

Thesis Phd Online - Activities For Critical Thinking For College Students

Over the past decade, the phenomenon of college student academic under-performance has received considerable attention.

Institutions’ fortunes hinge upon their ability to identify, appeal to, and properly assist good students.

By helping them, places of higher learning produce the greatest return on their investments.

At best, good students who don’t receive proper academic assistance will get by but never live up to their capabilities in college; at worst – and increasingly more commonly – they will become retention casualties. Good students are the overwhelmingly largest student cohort.

Yet, they are unidentified by most colleges and universities and often lumped into the significantly smaller, more easily identified “at-risk” population.


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