4 Week Travel Nurse Assignments

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Additionally, the travel nurse will have to contend with more frequent moves and more paperwork burdens.

As mentioned above, short term housing options are hard to come by and are typically more expensive. If you determine that you want to work short-term contracts, then there are companies that specialize in them.

On one hand, a short-term contract presents difficulty for the hospital’s continuity of care.

If the travel nurse is only going to be there for 4 weeks, then they’re going to be on the floor for only 3 weeks. And if an orientation is not provided, then it may be difficult for the travel nurse to get acclimated to the floor.

In fact, I’d be surprised to find any company opposed to handling assignments of 13 weeks or longer, including companies that specialize in short-term contracts. Companies would love to have you on contract for the rest of your life working 60 hours a week. You’ll also find that the majority of companies will handle 8 week contracts if that’s what the hospitals they work with want.

Again, hospitals will be the primary drivers behind contract lengths.Shifts and travel nursing contract length are important travel nursing job variables.Different travel nurses will desire to work different shifts and contract lengths.Fewer hours worked means less billing, means less revenue.At the same time, the cost and amount of work that goes in to staffing the position remains the same.Travel nurses will have their own reasons for wanting short-term contracts.However, it’s important to consider the potential pitfalls.But a crisis rate might make up for the deficiency.Short term contracts create opposing concerns for hospitals.Despite this, some hospitals choose to deal with this pitfall.Sometimes a hospital has a dire short-term need for some reason.


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